Schedule An Exam

There are three options for testing:

    1. Testing on campus;
    2. Testing at another institution with a remote voucher;
    3. Testing virtually with Examity.

Please Note: We are no longer able to test POST examinees, please reach out to your local technical institution.

What to expect

    • You must provide a valid government issued photo ID.
    • Cell phones are NOT permitted during testing.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to practice prior to taking the exam.
    • The writing component is timed 60 minutes, and the reading and math portions are untimed.
    • Calculators are not allowed in the testing lab, there is a calculator built into the test for you to use.
    • There is no cost for this test if the test taker has applied for admission to EGSC. There is a $25 fee if the test taker is not an EGSC applicant.
    • Scores will be provided immediately after testing.


On Campus Testing

Testing is not currently offered at our Statesboro or Augusta locations as this time. To schedule an exam at our Swainsboro, location please click the link below.

All testing dates are scheduled for a Friday. Dates are subject to be changed.

Schedule an On-Campus Appointment

Remote Testing 

To receive a voucher to test at another institution, or virtually via Examity, please visit the remote testing page.

For questions or concerns, please email admissionsFREEOMNIUPDATE.